How well do you know Mom?

母親節那天,我與孩子一起玩了「How well do you know Mom?」的遊戲。



1. What is Mom really good at? (媽媽最擅長什麼?)

Andre: Being a Mom. (成為一位媽媽)
Bella: Cooking. (料理)
Mom: Design a beautiful house. (設計美麗的房子)

2. What's an activity you and Mom really love to do together? (什麼是媽媽最喜歡與你一起做的事情?)

Andre: Going outside. (外出)
Bella: Drawing. (畫畫)
Mom: Walking with Andre and doing crafts with Bella. (與Andre散步和與Bella做小手工)

3. What does Mom like to do when she's alone? (當媽媽獨自一人時喜歡做什麼?)

Andre: Cleaning. (打掃)
Bella: Reading, writing, or watching movies. (閱讀、寫作或是看電影)
Mom: Reading and eating. (閱讀和吃東西)

4. What's the best food Mom makes? (媽媽最厲害的料理?)

Andre: Rice. (米飯)
Bella: Pasta or fried rice. (義大利麵及炒飯)
Mom: Pasta. (義大利麵)

5. When Mom was little, what did she want to be when she grew up? (媽媽小時候最希望長大成為什麼?)

Andre: Ice cream truck driver. (冰淇淋車司機)
Bella: Doctor? (醫生?)
Mom: Marry a good man. (嫁給一位好男人)

6. Does Mom prefer cold or warm weather? (媽媽比較喜歡冷還是熱的季節?)

Andre: None. (都不喜歡)
Bella: Hot. (熱)
Mom: Cold. (冷)

7. What is Mom's least favorite food? (什麼是媽媽最不喜歡的食物?)

Andre: Sweet things. (甜的食物)
Bella: Fast food. (速食)
Mom: Cilantro. (香菜)

8. What makes Mom feel better when she's sad? (當媽媽傷心時,什麼會讓媽媽感覺好些?)

Andre: Me. (我)
Bella: Wine or Dad. (酒或爹地)
Mom: Hug or wine. (擁抱或酒)

9. What was her favorite subject in school? (媽媽上學時最喜歡什麼科目?)

Andre: Math. (數學)
Bella: Language Art. (語言)
Mom: English. (英文)

10. What is Mom's favorite store to go shopping at? (媽媽最喜歡逛的商店?)

Andre: Target.
Bella: Clothing Store. (服飾店)
Mom: TJ Maxx.

11. Which chore is the one that Mom hates the most? (媽媽最討厭做的家事是哪一項?)

Andre: Every Single One. (每一項)
Bella: Laundry. (洗衣服)
Mom: Cleaning up my kids' room. (清理我小孩的房間)


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